Free Laptop given for the first year students.     SC / ST 0% payment (Total fee) Should be eligibile from the social welfare department for re-investment 6months. Only for the nativity pondicheery students.     Special Teaching Class Conducted for learning japnese language.     Assured employment on complitation of second level in multinational company. 0413-2644426
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The Ramachandra Educational Trust was started with the sole ambition of inculcating into the hearts of people the necessity and importance of education. Values so necessary and important to the humanity are education. Education is not just sitting in the four walls of the classroom and being taught some pages of a book but it involves both the teacher and the student. An aspiring human being guided by a well learned Guru, both together putting forth what knowledge already exists and what lies hidden in the inner depths of the student and teacher. Together we want to march forward to create an ideal world wherein equality of all varieties exists.

The main theme is to impart knowledge through Education. Mainly Engineering & Technology. The ambitions of the trust are set forth on the basis of the great visionaries of the world who had dedicated their entire lives for the upliftment of humanity. To serve the people with a highly updated Technology and latest equipments to enable the poor and the rich to avail of good teaching care. In the process to create more Engineers through good Education.


Our mission is to impart the highest quality of technical education, provide impetus to research and development, foster innovation in the technological growth, encourage entrepreneurship and strive to solve problems of mankind. To equip students with sound technical knowledge and skill. To offer an educational program with a plethora of innovative concepts, for creating a host of talented professionals with diversified knowledge.

To develop exceptional opportunities for study & research and a system of industry-institution interaction, through industry-liaison cells, for students to contribute to our nation's economic growth. We also endeavor to embed the greatest values of human life and inculcate the will to attain progress and prosperity in life in socially accepted norms, to remain an asset to our nation and be a part of its pride and heritage.