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Biomedical Engineering as a subject is growing through fast paced growth and thereby the demand for the group is consistently growing. Biomedical Engineering helps the student to study and apply various processes in engineering for both investigations of ailments and its treatment.

This division has to have its connections with a number of other branches for a fundamental understanding of health maintenance processes and improved diagnosis, optimal interventional (surgical, therapeutic & rehabilitative) procedures, prosthesis and organ assist systems, health care systems performance and econometrics.

This department has outstnading faculty members and modern infrastructures, class rooms, labs and all other amenitites

Academic Programs

Undergraduate : B.E (Biomedical Engineering)

Post Graduate : M.E (Biomedical Electronics)

Doctoral Programs : PhD (Biomedical Engineering)

The curriculum includes the following subjects

  • Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry).
  • Engineering courses
  • Clinical Sciences courses
  • Biomedical Engineering courses